Janelle Munn

Administrator Award to Public Education

This award is in recognition of exemplary administration and leadership. Established in 2014. 

The late Janelle Munn, LCSW, founded the Friends of School Mental Health after serving as the Director of School Mental Health for many years. Upon retirement she gathered a group of like minded Student Health and Human Services professionals,teachers, and other supporters of the students of LAUSD in an effort to raise funds to assist needy students. These small grant awards were intended to help cover costs of items that would increase a student’s likelihood of school success. Through her ongoing commitment of time, talent and treasure, Ms. Munn understood what a difference could be made if there was an easily accessible emergency fund available to assist students in crisis. This same foresight, creativity, and sense of purpose are found in each of these recipients.

Marion Mc Cammon

Social Work Award

This award is in recognition of outstanding contributions to the knowledge and practice of School Mental Health. Established in 1994.


The late Marion McCammond, MSW, was a pioneering social worker that created and was the first Director of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Mental Health unit. She worked for LAUSD for 34 years. Ms. McCammond was a woman of innumerable ideas to help children needing mental health intervention. She was a tenacious woman, who with her determination, brought to fruition various ways children could be helped through school mental health. Each recipient of the Marion McCammond Award has these same qualities.

Marleen Wong

Crisis Team Membership Award

This award is given in recognition of volunteer services on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Crisis Team. Established in 2001.


Beginning in 1993 Marleen Wong, Ph.D., LCSW., was the Director of the LAUSD School Mental Health Unit for 8 years and the architect of school safety programs. The Crisis Team was started in 1984 as a result of the tragic 49th Street School shooting.


Under the leadership of Dr. Wong, the Crisis Teams program has become a model for school districts in the United States, Canada, Japan, and The People’s Republic of China. Dr. Wong is a woman of vision and determination that took a long-standing program and developed it into a “cutting edge” multi-disciplinary crisis intervention team that is recognized internationally. It is comprised of 250 LAUSD employees who volunteer their time. Volunteer Pupil Attendance and Services Counselors, elementary and secondary counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and school police are trained and ready to respond to critical incidents involving injury or death of a student or staff person. They also intervene appropriately to improve racial and inter-group conflicts for the 900 schools and offices of LAUSD.


To be a crisis team member one must possess Dr. Wong’ qualities of being committed and willing to go anywhere, anytime to assist children and staff in need. Our award recipient does possess these qualities.

Rosalio Muñoz

Pupil Services and Attendance Award

This award is given in recognition of outstanding services to children, their families and school personnel as a Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor. Established in 1995.


Rosalio Muňoz, Ph.D., established the Los Angeles Unified School District Pupil Services & Attendance (PSA) program during his 26 years with the LAUSD and was Director of the department at the time of his retirement.


Dr. Muňoz was a pioneer in the early days of social work in the school system and brought social work in to the PSA program. He was a tireless advocate for children and families. He served as a worthy role model for all public-spirited people in the Pupil Services and Attendance Department. The recipients of this award are role models carrying on the philosophy of Dr. Munoz.

Supportive Friend of Mental Health Award

This award is given in recognition of exemplary service to children and families through mental health intervention using creative, innovative, and supportive menas to address children's needs.


The Supportive Friend of Mental Health Award is to be presented by the Board of Directors. The award is intended to differ from the other awards in that the recipient is to be chosen by the Board of Directors and will not be limited to staff of the LAUSD.

Alfred T. Clark, Jr.

Service to Childen and Youth Award


This award is given in recognition of exemplary services to special education pupils with the Los Angeles Unified School District.


The late Alfred T. Clark, Jr., Ed.D. was instrumental in establishing programs to serve pupils with special educational needs during his lengthy tenure with LAUSD through his retirement in 1988.


Dr. Clark served many years in the LAUSD and worked with teachers, administrators, support personnel, students, and parents who were all touched and influenced during his many years as an educator. A common threat ran through almost 30 years of service and all those acquaintancces; it was Dr. Clark's genuine love of what he was doing and sincere concern for the welfare of the people he worked with and served. The same thread continues through each of the individuals who are the recipients  of this award.

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