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Due to economic times, FSMH has had a considerable increase in requests for grants. Most have been for assistance for families struggling financially. Parents and guardians have had a reduction in work hours or have simply been laid off. FRIENDS has been able to fulfil every valid grant request because of your generous donations. The following is just a sampling of requests which were approved:

  • Child failed vision screening at school. Parent had no other resource, and was able to obtain glasses with FSMH monies.

  • Due to parent job loss, FRIENDS was able to provide clothing and hygiene products so that student was ready and able to attend school.

  • FRIENDS provided money to pay for GED exam fees which was the only requirement needed for student to graduate.

  • FRIENDS was able to provide a homeless family with funds to buy gas for their van (also their home), to get their children to school.

  • Funds were given to a single parent to pay a delinquent electricity bill so that her two autistic sons would have light to do their homework, and not be afraid of the dark.

  • FSMH has provided shoe coupons for the students most in need who have no shoes to wear to school.




Friends of School Mental Health (FRIENDS) raises funds to assist Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) students in crisis affecting their ability to attend and learn at school. Families may sometimes be unable to pay a utility bill, buy shoes or uniforms, or simply need food for their children. These monies are given for immediate use, until other agencies can step in and provide the appropriate long term planning and assistance needed.


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